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Welcome to Lartey & Co Solicitors

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Firstly, I must thank everyone for their support its been overwhelmingly positive and everyones well wishes have honestly been much appreciated. Ive been asked to write a blog for the website, to get in line with times. Forgive me, this is the first blog I have ever written but hopefully not the last. There were a number of topics I could have written about and hope to get onto those in next couple of weeks once the firm is up and running.  I guess it makes sense for the first blog/post to be about why I set up Lartey & Co Solicitors.  We can never be prepared for anything that comes our way and in December 2019 the only law firm I have ever worked for had to close its doors after 25+ years of trading (I had been there for 10 of those years), a few months later in March 2020, the world was hit by a global pandemic and we are all put into lockdown, so its fair to say that I have had a lot of time on my hands recently. On the 1st April 2020, I set the wheels in motion and put in an application to start my own firm.I had previously given it serious consideration approaching others in order to start a firm together, I know so many fantastic lawyers who have so much to offer the profession who I can learn from. Ultimately I decided against it, I’ve seen first hand how partnerships great at the beginning and then one falling out or disagreement can ruin everything. (Whilst on the topic, we do Family Law and Divorces too, its just not on our website yet). In the end it was a no brainer to set up alone, reason being, I know I can be stubborn on  rare occasion, but the risk of disagreeing with myself on the direction of the business would obviously take some doing. So that is why we are Lartey & Co Solicitors. Having spent the last 2 and half years managing fee earners across 13 offices, and reviewing all of their files and cases etc, I can go back to being the same enthusiastic lawyer who loved going to Court and winning trials, or finding case law to win cases. Whilst eventually I want to build a team at Lartey & Co, I want a strong team based on quality rather than quantity. " What I want is for Lartey & Co Solicitors to represent is hope, not only hope for our clients, but also hope for the community. " When I say, hope in the community I mean it in the least dramatic way possible. I grew up predominantly raised by a single parent living in Peckham. I didn’t go to a prestigious college or university, I had no contacts in law when I finished my degree and I struggled to get my foot into the door, quite frankly I didn’t and probably still don’t fit the stereotype associated with being a lawyer.  Now I am in the position where I am, If I can give an opportunity to somebody to get their foot into the door in the legal profession that would make me extremely proud. Giving back to local schools by offering summer/holiday placements is something that the firm intends to open up on moving forward. In terms of the work the firm we will be undertaking we offer services in Criminal Law, Extradition Law, Regulatory and Professional Discipline, Appeals, Prison Law and Family Law, so feel free to pass on our details to anyone who does require assistance.

I haven't been able to get into fancy clothes for a current photo on the website yet due to the lockdown and me not having a haircut for about 4 months. We have a placeholder from 2018... but I quite like it, so maybe it will stay.

The firm is open for instructions from the 15th June 2020, we have leave to appeal a murder conviction which is due to be listed within the next few months (that case is a blog in itself), which I hope to provide a positive update on in due course.

Once again, thank you for all your kind words and support. Many thanks for your time. Jason

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