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Happy New Year

So it looks like it is really happening!! April 12th, 2021 signals the next stage in the plans to ease lockdown restrictions. I can certainly vouch that the legal profession has been hit hard by the impact of the pandemic.

The lack of cases coming through the Court system has of course had a financial impact on law firms, but the networking aspect of the profession has also come to a standstill. The zoom culture has been fantastic to get the job done and I don't know where we would all be without it, but of course it isn't the same as doing things face to face.

There also now seems to be addressing the taboo subject of mental health in this profession, there is no doubt that this profession is stressful in the best of times and hopefully our regulatory bodies can take even more measures to protecting the mental health of legal professionals.

"Being a firm which was set up in the midst of a pandemic Lartey & Co Solicitors certainly look forward to being able to develop our network and progress the firm onto the next stage."

Well done to everyone who has survived the past year. (Amazingly, in two months’ time are going to be a year old).

We look forward to making new friends and re-acquainting with old friends.

(Let us know your resolutions for the "new year" at")

7 Days and counting!!! :-)

Stay safe!

Lartey & Co Solicitors

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