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Notable Cases

Serious Crime and Violence

R v Pachecka and another 2021 - Central Criminal Court

We represented Mr Patryk Pachecka, who was unanimously found Not Guilty of murder at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) in November 2021. This case was a high-profile case that attracted attention from Polish media. Mr Pachecka was a Polish national who was accused of being part of a joint enterprise murder. The deceased was Mr Pachecka's flatmate, who was killed just outside of their flat in Wood Green.

Mr Pachecka was initially convicted of murder in December 2017. It was the prosecution's case that the murder had taken place inside the flat and that Mr Pachecka was a party to the killing. 

In December 2020, Lartey & Co and Ms Siobhan Grey of Libertas Chambers were able to present fresh evidence in the case to the Court of Appeal. In light of some of the fresh evidence presented, the original conviction was quashed and a retrial ordered.

At the retrial, which commenced in September 2020 and lasted for over two months, we were able to present compelling pathological and forensic evidence which confirmed that the murder did not take place inside the flat and that Mr Pachecka was not the killer. As a result, Mr Pachecka was unanimously found Not Guilty.

R v S (Royal Courts of Justice) 2023

We represented Mr S who was a man of good character charged with GBH. Following extensive preparation of the defence case. Mr S was acquitted following a 12 day trial in the Crown Court.

R v Y (Bethnal Green Police Station) 2021

We represented Mr Y who was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. Y was accused of being part of a conspiracy to murder another youth who attended his school. Following robust advice at the police station and a through review of the case, the police have made the decision to take no further action against Y.

R v A (Romford Police Station 2018)

A was arrested for Murder following the death of his partner who had died due to an extensive amount of poison found in her system. A was the only suspect identified by the police. A was represented at the Police Station by Jason Lartey and given robust advice at the initial investigation stage. Following a lengthy and complex investigation no further action was taken against A.

R v S (Royal Courts of Justice) 2023

We represented Mr S who was a man of good character charged with GBH. Mr S was acquitted following a 12 day trial in the Crown Court.

R v S (Woolwich Crown Court) 2022

We represented Ms S who was a healthcare professional charged with possession of a bladed article and assault by beating. Ms S was represented by another firm of Solicitors however contacted our firm shortly before trial prior to trial. In a short period of time, we were able to prepare an expert report which left no doubt that the defendant was not guilty of the offences she had been charged with. As a result, the prosecution dropped the case before the trial was due to take place.

R v R (Woolwich Crown Court) 2023

Mr R had been charged with an offence of Robbery. It was the prosecution case that he was acting joint enterprise with another in committing this offence. Following thorough preparation of this case, the prosecution dropped the case against R. 

R v J (Southwark Crown Court) 2023

Mr J had was charged with an offence of possession of a bladed article. The facts of the case are that Mr J had been stopped at London Victoria Station by the police, upon being searched by the police he was found in possession of a knife in his rucksuck. Despite providing an account in police interview a decision was made to charge Mr J to attend Court. 

The case was dropped by the prosecution the day after we served a detailed defence statement which established the good reason that Mr J had the knife in his possession.

R v K (2021) Woolwich Crown Court.

We represented the defendant, Mr K, a law student of good character, who was charged with Robbery, Theft and ABH. K was accused of entering a local store, which resulted in a dispute with the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper alleged that Mr K had assaulted him and took items belonging to the store. Following our representation at trial, K was found Not Guilty of Robbery and Theft. The jury could not decide on the ABH charge. At the retrial, we were able to make successful representations for the Crown to accept a S4 Public Order in place of the ABH. As a result, D received a conditional discharge for this matter, meaning he is able to pursue a career in law.

R v T (2021) St Albans Crown Court.

T was charged with S18 GBH where it was alleged he and another assaulted the complainant with a metal pole. As a result of the assault the complainant lost his hearing in one ear. Following trial T was acquitted of S18 GBH following a trial. T had earlier pleaded guilty to a s20 GBH and and received a suspended sentence for these offences.

R v B (2020) Walworth Police Station

B was arrested for importing a firearm into the UK. Following expert advice at the Police Station to provide an account in interview. Following a lengthy investigation into the case no further action was taken against D.

R v D (2021) Inner London Crown Court

D was convicted of ABH and Theft at Croydon Magistrates Court. D was unrepresented at trial and wished to appeal his conviction after the appeal time limits had lapsed. We were able to make successful submissions in the case and D was granted permission to appeal out of time. D was successful in his appeal against conviction at Inner London Crown Court.

R v M (Basildon Crown Court 2019)

M was charged with an offence of assisting an offender causing serious injury following a roadside accident which resulted in the victim having her leg amputated. Following successful representations, the CPS accepted pleas to a lesser charge of assisting an offender who had committed dangerous driving. M was sentenced to a suspended sentence.

R v M ( Lewisham Police Station 2019)

We represented a well known drill artist who had been arrested for conspiracy to commit GBH. Following specialist advice at the police station no further action was taken against him.

R V E (Woolwich Crown Court 2020) 

D was charged with possession of indecent images and was due to stand trial. The CPS decided to offer no evidence once we sought and served our own independent expert report which case doubt on the prosecution case.

Fraud and Drug Offences

R v R - Chelmsford Crown Court 2023

We successfully defended Mr R, who was alleged to have been part of a £ 3 million conspiracy to cheat the public revenue by importing beer from Poland into the UK. In the prosecution case, Mr R, as the lorry driver, had conspired with others to avoid detection of the goods being imported into the UK. The prosecution attributed a mobile phone to Mr R, which was said to contain evidence of the conspiracy. Following a lengthy trial, Mr R was acquitted of all charges, granted a defence costs order, and awarded his legal aid contribution order costs.

R v Z (Maidstone Crown Court 2019)

Z had been charged with offences of Conspiracy to commit Human Trafficking by trafficking prostitutes from China to the UK and forcing them to work as prostitutes. Following extensive requests for disclosure, the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence against the Defendant.

R v M and others (Southwark Crown Court 2018)

M faced confiscation proceedings following a conviction for a large TFL fraud of over £100,000. Following successful representations D was deemed to have an available amount of £1.

R v C and others (Snaresbrook Crown Court 2019)

C faced a confiscation proceeding following a conviction for a drugs conspiracy valued in excess of 8 million pounds. Following successful submissions C was ordered to pay a benefit figure of £2,000

R v M and others (Inner London Crown Court 2020)

M had been convicted of offences of Fraud which was committed whilst D was an employee of a well-known bank. Whilst the sentencing guidelines pointed toward an immediate custodial sentence following meticulously presented mitigation M received a community order.

R v S (Central Criminal Court 2019)  

S was sentenced for a High Profile case of Terrorism which recorded threats made against the Royal Family.

R v C and another – (Croydon Crown Court 2019)

D was charged with child cruelty and abuse spanning a number of years. The matter reached trial and following repeated requests for disclosure the prosecution offered no evidence in this case.

R v S (2019)

Film industry worker accused of assaulting a vulnerable family member. Following successful written representations, the Crown Prosecution Service made a decision to take no further action.

Extradition Offences

Albania v H (Westminster Magistrates Court 2020)

Mr H was successfully discharged from an Albanian Extradition Warrant for an offence of blood feud murder in which he was subject to a prison sentence of 25 years. The Court discharged following the successful submission that Extradition should not be ordered due to the passage of time between the incident and the extradition request.

P v Germany 2023 (Westminster Magistrates Court)

Ms P was subject to an arrest warrant issued by Germany following Fraud offences. Ms P contacted our firm on the day of her final extradition hearing. Despite strong opposition from the prosecution, we were able to make submissions for the case to be adjourned to prepare the case. We obtained several expert reports, which ultimately resulted in the German authorities' withdrawal of the arrest warrant.

D v Czech Republic 2023 (Westminster Magistrates Court)

Ms D was subject to an arrest warrant issued by the Czech Republic following dishonesty offences. D was a single mother with a young son and no further immediate family in the UK. We submitted that it would be disproportionate to Extradite Ms D by her Article 8 Human Rights Act. The District Judge agreed with those submissions and discharged the Extradition Warrant. 

R v Love - [2018] EWHC 172 (Admin)

Supervising solicitor of the team who had the Extradition Warrant discharged in this case following successful submissions of the Forum Bar argument.


Interpol 2019

Successful removal of a Red Notice imposed on a citizen by the UAE.

Driving Offences

Though we are a London based firm we have recent Nationwide success in defending Road Traffic offences the below are recent cases where we have successfully avoided disqualification for our clients.

R v T (Nottingham Magistrates Court 2023)

Mr T had been convicted of driving offences; due to his conviction, Mr T was subject to a mandatory period of disqualification because he had exceeded 12 points on his licence. Mr T worked as a railway engineer and was required to drive for his employment. We successfully argued before the District Judge that Mr T would be caused exceptional hardship were he to be disqualified from driving. 

R v A (Southend Magistrates Court 2023)

Mrs A had been convicted of driving offences. As a result of his conviction, Mrs A was subject to a mandatory period of disqualification because she had exceeded 12 points on her licence. Mrs A was employed as a midwife and would have lost her job had she been disqualified from driving. We successfully argued before the Magistrates that Mrs A would be caused exceptional hardship were she to be disqualified from driving. 


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