• Jason Lartey


The last 3 or 4 videos I've seen online have been young black males being stopped by the police resulting in negative searches. I thought as a lawyer, a black man and a lyricist ;-) I would write a short piece from the perspective of many of the people that i represent. I hope you all like it ...........

Officer this behaviour is abhorrent,

Checking my man without grounds or a warrant.

Just cos you know someone else from the block,

It don't mean we are all out here sellin rock.

Cos me and the mandem are on the wall perched,

Does that mean we should all be stopped and searched?

Asking me questions like, are we cutting portions?

You aint even told me my rights or given me the caution.

Just because i am black and in your vision,

Is that enough for reasonable suspicion?

What cos im IC3,

Does that mean I'm selling or smoking weed?

Just cos i bench and got a bit of muscle,

Don't mean mans out here tryna hustle.

Now I "look shifty and sweaty" on my feet,

Nah I'm embarrased and nervous cos im being searched on my street.

Yeah i'm in Nike, I'm in my Air Forces,

But that don't mean im not educated or not done any courses.

We respect your job, that is the truth,
But don't tarnish us all as "just the black youth".

Until you see past the colour and whats inside,

Me and you, will always have a divide.

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